What’s the Best Diet for Me?

How often have you tried to decide which program was the best for you? What is the right program for you to lose weight – and keep it off permanently?

I’ve learned that all diets work, and no diet works, unless you make permanent lifestyle changes to maintain the weight loss.

It’s ironic that we actually eat fewer calories today than we did at the beginning of the 20th Century. However, we’re eating differently. We’re eating more refined carbohydrate in white flour and hamburger buns. We’re drinking empty calories in soft drinks, and we’re not eating enough fruit and vegetables.

Food manufacturers spend billions in advertising to tempt us to eat fast and eat large. The expression “living large” used to mean living richly or living well.

Today, living large means being overweight or obese. Here we are in the middle of 2006 and our nation is getting fatter, not healthier.

How to choose the right plan for you

The way to pick a plan that’s right for you is to find one that contains foods you like. Just as important, you also need a program that reflects your lifestyle.

How well do you enjoy cooking? Some people even hate to boil water! A gourmet meal is wasted on someone who prefers only fish fingers. Convenience is the name of the game for some.

If you hate ready meals, then don’t choose a convenience plan that features ready meals for dinner. If your idea of a great meal is pasta with homemade meatballs and tomato sauce ot Thai vegetable curry, then you need a plan that satisfies your taste buds with great recipes.

It’s not a “Die-it.” it’s a “Live-it!”

Some people approach weight loss with fear and loathing. They think, “It’s going to hurt!” They’re afraid that they’re going to feel deprived. They think they’re going to be miserable, but only for a while.

Do you know anyone like this? The person who says, “Well, I can do this for a week or two. Maybe even for a month. But, I know that a diet doesn’t have to last forever, so I can get the results I want and then go back to my usual favourites.”

These people can’t think beyond the scale. It’s like deciding to run a marathon. I’m often amazed by how people gear up for this gruelling test of stamina and fitness. They decide (for their own personal satisfaction) to see if they can do it – to go into training for the hardest thing they’ll ever do in their life – run more than 22 miles in one day. And many do it!

They’re unable to walk without pain for weeks afterwards, and some even suffer permanent injury. But, they do it. They cross the finish line. However, most never run again. A year later and 20 pounds heavier, they wonder, “Hey, what happened? How did this weight appear?”

Make permanent changes, achieve permanent weight loss!

The reason all diets work is because, by definition, a diet is something you “undertake” for weight loss. If you don’t maintain a version of the diet you used to get to your goal weight, then you will regain the weight — that is, unless you up your activity so that you’re burning off the excess calories.

Read the dictionary and you’ll find that “diet” really means: “What you usually eat,” as in your “regular” diet.

The “diet” that’s best for you is the one that you can stay with for life! Whichever plan you choose, stay with it until you reach your weight goal. Then your plan will automatically change to support your healthy weight, so that you can continue to maintain your weight loss.

Voila! Your perfect diet!

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