Types of Acne

Understanding Acne

Acne can affect everyone no matter what type of skin they have. It is an imperfection that most persons would do anything to get rid of. No teen likes to see a pimple, and adults are also embarrassed by this skin breakout. For people who are living with this skin condition, their social interactions are usually awkward, as they are often concerned about whether others can stand their appearance.

It can be quite frustrating to deal with acne and still maintain a level of confidence at work and other social or formal activities. It is important that in learning how to get rid of acne the best approaches are explored and used. To effectively address acne in all its forms, a better understanding about how these blemishes are formed will help in efforts to apply the best treatment.

How Acne Is Form?

Acne appears on the skin whenever the body is under stress, or it has trouble balancing hormonal functions such as the production of oils. When excess oil and dead cells are produced the skin erupts in acne. An acne outbreak is a sign that skin pores are clogging up and need cleanse. Clogging occurs when the sebaceous glands release too much oil and the skin cells stick together. This condition shows up more in adolescents, and women experiencing the start of their menstrual cycles.

Bacteria that can cause acne multiply in the face or other susceptible parts of the body. When the pores are overwhelmed and are blocked the body activates immune cells to fight the bacterial intruders, resulting in the red, inflamed and irritating acne. It is important that you do not pick these spots as you will only make the situation worse.

Dealing With Different Types of Acne

If you want to learn how to get rid of acne for once and for all, you would definitely need to tell the differences among the various forms of acne, which range from the painful Acne Conglobata to the milder Comedones.Removal of Comedones which come either as a “whitehead” or a “blackhead” is easily achieved with acne strips and nothing else is required to deal with this acne. Acne that is painful to touch is a little harder to address as these occur deep below the skin’s surface and require the professional attention of your dermatologist.

This type of acne, otherwise known as Nodules, should not be squeezed and your doctor is required if this painful acne remains with you after some months. Acne that is more difficult to treat takes extra care to prevent acne from spreading and getting worse. You might encounter acne known as Papules, which are clearly manifested as reddish bumps. Treating this quickly using a method that leaves no scars is the usual way to address this acne.

Be careful however not to confuse Papules with the Pustule, which is acne that comes with bumps that are pus filled. You need to avoid using methods that can scar your skin and infect you in dealing with this acne. If the size of your acne is more than one inch, and is also filled with pus and hurts when you touch it, then you are dealing with Cystic Acne.

It is not a simple matter to treat this acne on your own and you need your dermatologist’s or doctor’s assistance to deal with this. Your dermatologist is also necessary if your acne appears on your buttocks or chest, as this is the more complicated and painful Conglobata.

Helpful Tips For Getting Rid of Acne

Placing ice on the area that is inflamed works in a pinch in reducing the inflammation but a holistic approach is required to address the real causes of acne. The secret on getting rid of acne effectively is achievable when the causes of excess dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria are dealt with. You may use any effective home based approaches as well dermatologist supported methods to rid yourself of acne. Changes in your lifestyle such as in diet and exercise will also help.

Home based approaches include washing your face with clean water at least twice per day to cleanse your skin of the dead cells and oils. You could also use cream or soap products with benzoyl peroxide, those containing salicylic acid as well as sulfur containing cleansers. Cleansers containing retinoid with Vitamin A, and azelaic acid are also helpful in dealing with acne. These types of treatment options are easily found in products that any householder can buy in the drug store or pharmacy.

It is very important however to carefully read about the ingredients in the products as well as how they work. Treatments that are delivered by your dermatologist or spa include facials that are applied using a combination of different cleaning agents, masks and exfoliation methods that are effective against acne. Anti acne treatments that are supported by dermatologists also include the use of laser therapy, light treatments, microdermabrasions (the sanding of the skin), and prescription drugs.

Again, treatment depends on the sensitivity of your skin and your doctor’s recommendation. A change in diet is one effective way to get rid of acne permanently as you replace sugary foods, animal fats, and foods containing artificial additives with healthier alternatives such as vegetables, seeds, fruits, nuts, and other naturally produced foods.

Your body will then be better able to expel toxins and reduce the occurrence of acne on the skin. Learning how to get rid of acne also includes exercise which is an effective way for the body to rid itself of toxins that contribute to acne breakout. In addition to exercise, drinking water regularly as well as to get sufficient sleep, for a recommended a minimum of eight hours, are good ways to detox the body and reduce stress.

Recommended Acne Treatment Products

There are several products listed in Amazon that will help your acne issues effectively. One product that I highly recommend is the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment which comes in a convenient 2 ounce tube. It is a topical cream that does not clog the pores and it allows the skin to retain moisture and texture. It is effective in treating acne before it forms and reducing the redness that accompanies acne. Customers who have already used this product are happy with the fast and clear results they have achieved.

Another Acne treatment product, tested by dermatologists that you can also use is the Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System. This treatment is a effective and safe combination of a topical cream and lotion. You can purchase these on Amazon as they are not available in stores or pharmacies.

Customers are quite happy with the effective way the tablets work as they act within two days with visible clearing of the pimples on the face. When used as directed, the combination of cream and lotions are very effective in keeping acne away.

With a better understanding of acne and by using the above tips and recommended products, everyone who is affected by this uncomfortable condition will be able to renew their confidence and face others again. You should no longer need to be embarrassed by your appearance because of untreated acne.

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