Trenbolone Parabolan: Mythological Steroid

Parabolan can be considered a mythological steroid. It appeared in the market for a very short time and was quickly pulled out by the pharmaceutical company that manufactured it. It gained instant popularity that it was strange when it became unavailable. The characteristic of Parabolan that made it a hit is its ability to bind with the androgen receptor. It just doesn’t bind, it fuses with the androgen receptor making it a great pre-contest steroid. Trenbolone is the pharmaceutical name of Parabolan and ever since Parabolan was phased off it became available under the brand name Finaplix which is a poor substitute to Parabolan even if it is known to have almost a similar effect.

As Parabolan fuses with the androgen receptor – and no other androgenic anabolic steroid has that ability – it speeds up the fat burning process. It simply doesn’t build up muscle mass but burns fat and calories as well. For muscle growth androgen receptors in the muscle cells must bind with the fat but androgens act on the androgenic receptors in the fat cells that it makes fat reduction faster. Parabolan is able to inhibit the aromatase enzyme that converts it to estrogen. This simply means that there is a rare chance that estrogenic effects will be apparent with prolonged use.

Trenbolone 75
Trenbolone 75

The primary female sexual characteristics in women are caused by the estrogen hormone naturally secreted by the body. Aromatization to estrogen will cause side-effects among men. Estrogenic effects are the manifestation of these feminine characteristics in men when they take high dosages of steroids. These side effects include gynecomastia which is the enlargement of the bust due to growth in breast tissue and water retention.

Water retention causes bloating which can be a bad thing especially for those who want to have lean and well defined muscles. While water retention can cause mass gains, quite a fraction of it may be caused by water weight. Estrogen also causes the muscle to smoothen out and the skin to look soft which doesn’t really contribute to the desired powerful look most bodybuilders have in mind.

Without the presence of estrogenic side effects which is common with highly androgenic and anabolic steroids, it is not surprising that Trenbolone Parabolan is a favorite. Another great factor is its ability to convert to muscle most of the food intake into muscle and some still become fat but that is quite an insignificant percentage compared to the muscle bulk it can create.

Trenbolone marketed as Parabolan is rarely distributed. Ever since Negma pulled it out of the market, only a few real ones have been known to pop up once in a while. The same effects of Parabolan may be experienced with its veterinary counterpart Finaplix. However, Finaplix is sold as pellets so kitchen preparations of this steroid need to be converted for human use. The procedure may be complicated and may cause more problems and side effects. But since Parabolan has become a legendary steroid many underground labs have tried to counterfeit it.

Buy Trenbolone Parabolan

If you have decided to use Parabolan your best chance of getting a real one may be a little difficult. You may want to check the underground labs and the black market. But your best source would be from the internet.

There are several sites that still sell authentic Trenbolone Parabolan. Make sure that when you make your purchases from your online stores you get the best deals and that you buy Parabolan through secure transactions. It is also important that you pay some attention to the shipping details. Some include the costs with the steroid prices but there are those that charge fees on top of the regular prices.

It is also best that you get information about laws governing the use of steroid use or possession of them. Most countries are stringent with these steroids. When caught in possession of steroids you could face grave criminal charges.

How To Take Trenbolone Parabolan

Trenbolone result
Trenbolone result

Parabolan, or Trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate, is a favorite of bodybuilders among all the other steroids. It is a strong androgen and highly anabolic enabling the user to have rapid mass gains and at the same time have lean, hard, well defined muscles. Despite being a potent AAS, Parabolan is known to be generally safe. If you have thought of including it in your steroid stack you should know how to take Parabolan whether it is in tablet or injectable form.

The steps on how to take Parabolan in tablet form are easy. First, Drink lots of water. Parabolan can be pretty hard on the kidneys so you have to increase your fluid intake. Next, before you open the pack you have received from your supplier, check the label and expiration date.

Some people are not too careful when they are taking medications because they do not read the label or the expiration date. Expired medications can be poisonous. Likewise, do not forget to read the instructions on how to take Parabolan which is included in the packaging: dosage and frequency. This is to avoid overdosing on the steroid which can be very harmful. When you have read the information put the tablet in your mouth and down it with water.

How to take Parabolan as an injectable is not too hard as well, provided that what you have is the real Trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate. However, another kind of Parabolan is available in the market with the pharmaceutical name Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

The effects and injecting procedures are pretty much the same. But if what you have is Trenbolone acetate or commonly known as Finaplix you would need to prepare it as an intramuscular injectable for human use because Finaplix is primarily for veterinary purposes.

Anyway, how to take Parabolan intramuscular injectable is easy. First, prepare your paraphernalia. You would need Parabolan vials, a syringe, 2 needles (additional needles would be better just in case), cotton balls, gauze and alcohol. Follow the first 2 steps on how to take Parabolan tablets. Drink a lot of water, check the label and the expiration.

Next, put a needle on the syringe. Make sure your needles are new to prevent infection. Pull back some air into the syringe about the same amount as the dosage you’re going to inject. Put the needle into the rubber stopper of the steroid vial and pull out the medication. Then push out the air from the syringe. Tap the air bubbles. Before you inject the steroid change the needle into a fresh one. Swab the injection site using a cotton ball wet with alcohol.

Next, pinch the site and angle the syringe about 90 degrees. Inject the medication. Before you pull out the needle press the gauze on the site and then slowly pull the needle out. Put pressure on the spot to prevent bleeding.

If you follow the steps on how to take Parabolan carefully you are protecting yourself from future complications. After all these steps are fairly easy to do. Those who don’t know how to take Parabolan whether in tablet form or as an injectable and still proceeded without getting enough information on how to take Parabolan have increased the risk of infections and possible threats to their health.

Parabolan Cycle

Parabolan cycles differ depending on gender, body composition, and objective. Since the steroid is a pretty potent androgenic anabolic, reportedly three times stronger than testosterone, it produces significant improvement in the appearance of the muscles. Parabolan improves vascularity that gives the muscles a hard and well defined look.

How do you start your Parabolan cycle? The typical athlete’s Parabolan cycle would constitute 228mg or 3 ampules a week. If they want to have a rapid increase in muscle power it is used with 30mg of Dianabol per day. For those who play for weight class sports and want to have quality muscle mass and strength gain 25mg or more of Oxandrolone is added. However, there have been reports that those who used high doses in their Parabolan cycle experienced the darkening of their urine which is indicative of urinary tract infection. In worse cases blood became evident which is already a sign of kidney damage. To avoid these side-effects there should be an increase of fluid intake, around one gallon of water perhaps on top of the 8-10 glasses that you should drink everyday.

Body builders have a different Parabolan cycle. They take 1 to 2 amps a day with the duration of about 3 to 4 weeks. It is a very good competition steroid provided that you do your Parabolan cycle at a minimum of 3 weeks before the contest. It contributes significantly to rapid mass and strength gain that body builders find beneficial when doing their work outs. Increase in aggressiveness helps them do more repetitions and lift heavier weights. Combined with a proper diet and training regimen, the Parabolan cycle will help them achieve their goal much faster. To improve cuts you should stack other steroids with your Parabolan cycle. Parabolan stacks well with nandrolone – if you want to bulk up, boldenone and metholone for well-defined muscles.

For their Parabolan cycle, women inject one ampule of Parabolan a week. No more than that. Their use should also be limited to just 4-5 weeks in order to avoid virilising effects like clitoral engorgement, male pattern baldness, deepening of the voice, and hirsutism to name a few.

Trenbolone Parabolan Side Effects

Parabolan is known to be one of the safest steroids despite being a high androgen and strong anabolic. Anyone who has used Parabolan can prove that it can produce spectacular benefits especially when your goal is to rapidly gain muscle mass and increase strength and energy to perform better during workouts. Before you take this steroid research about it to avoid suffering any of the more serious Parabolan side-effects.

Just like any other steroid, whether potent or weak, prolonged use or abuse can cause side effects. The most immediate of all Parabolan side effects to be noticed is the increase in aggression which can benefit the bodybuilder or athlete in training. Aggression enables adrenaline rush which gives a person a sudden boost of energy in exerting effort, say, in lifting weights or doing repetitions. If these are increased it can help build up the muscles.

Newbies should avoid using Parabolan or Trenbolone on their first cycle to prevent serious Parabolan side effects which can be fatal for someone who is not used to taking steroids. Take milder ones for starters and start introducing Parabolan to your cycle when you have become an intermediate steroid user or you may give consideration to Trenbolone alternative which is available in tablet form and you can buy without prescription.

To prevent other Parabolan side effects, it should not be used for one whole year straight. The recommended length when you are taking this steroid is 8 weeks. More severe Parabolan side effects involve the kidneys. Athletes who have used Parabolan for a long time even in low dosages have experienced the darkening of their urine. It can be an indication of a urinary tract infection. The worse case would be blood being excreted in the urine. This is already a sign of kidney damage.

To avoid these severe Parabolan side effects there should be increased fluid intake to cleanse the kidneys from the harmful compounds of the steroid. Add about a gallon of water or more to the 8-9 glasses you are drinking everyday.

Another great feature of this steroid is that it doesn’t aromatize despite being three times more potent than testosterone. Which means to say that feminization is not included in the list of Parabolan side-effects. This is good news for men. High androgens convert to estrogen and when they do they produce undesirable side effects like gynecomastia or the enlargement of the bust in men because of growth of the breast tissue.

There is also no water retention or bloating so you can be sure that what you are gaining is exclusively muscle mass and not water weight. However, men should have their prostate checked by a physician before using this steroid because another Parabolan side-effect that can be serious is the enlarging of the prostate glands.

Women should be more careful when using this stuff. Parabolan side-effects on women include virilisation which is characteristic of strong androgens. Some of these virilising effects are deepening of the voice, clitoral engorgement, increased hair growth on the face and legs (hirsutism), irregular menstrual cycles, increased aggression, and male pattern hair loss on the scalp. Some of the Parabolan side effects are irreversible so it is a good idea that you know your facts before you use this steroid.

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