Do 24 Hour Fitness Facilities Help You Lose Weight?

Does working out at a 24 hour fitness facility help you lose weight? Absolutely. For those that believe desire is the fundamental key to weight loss, they’re sadly mistaken.

I challenge you to get fit at home. Grab the dumb bells, a workout video, or even a fitness book (with diagrams for proper form and movement) and go to town. You may even take it a step further and clean out the pantry and stock it with whole grains and healthy low fat snacks. Are you motivated yet? Are you pumped?

You may be for the first few days as you visualize yourself flipping through your new, step by step workout guide. But while you sit on the couch and stare at the dumb bells in the corner of the room or the pilates video on top of the TV, your motivation will dwindle.

This is why having a 24 hour fitness gym helps facilitate weight loss. Sure you have to have the desire to get off the couch and drive to the gym. Sometimes it may even take an act of God to get the kids settled and dinner on the table to simply depart from the house (speaking from personal experience). But once you walk through the doors of your gym, you’ll know there’s no turning back. You will work out, which in turn will help you lose weight. It’s really that simple.

You don’t have to be a fitness guru to work the machines. Any one of us can turn on a treadmill or work an elliptical machine. However, it’s not the equipment in the gym that aids in the weight loss. Those are just the perks of our membership.

A fitness facility embraces the key ingredient for maintaining any exercise regime; atmosphere. Encircling yourself around others with the same motivation and goals in mind strengthens your ambition to stick with your agenda: to lose weight.

Why atmosphere is the number one ingredient in this recipe? Fantasize with me for a moment.

You turn into the parking lot of your gym. After a minute of winding up and down the rows, you find a parking spot in the mentally noted crowded lot. There are many others here, at your gym, with the same intentions of getting fit. You proceed to the front doors armed with your gym bag and membership card in hand. Your card is swiped, allowing you access to the entire facility because you are member of this fitness world. The feeling that sweeps over you transitions you into another realm. You put your game face on.

You enter the locker room and begin changing clothes. You transition from your everyday ordinary gear into attire designed exclusively for your purpose: to work out. As you walk up the stairs towards the machines, you mentally note all the people, every shape and size. Many are individually absorbed in their workout, while others drive one another with smiles on their face and exhilaration in their heart.

The music is pumping. You can hear the momentum of feet pounding the treadmill. You make your way down the aisle to an unoccupied elliptical machine. Your heart rate has already risen. You can feel your blood surging through your veins before you place your first food on the machine. Your workout has already begun. It began the moment your membership card was swiped.

Now tell me, is that the feeling you get standing in the middle of your living room floor equipped with dumb bells in your hand?

Weigh loss does not occur over night by any means. Nor does it occur by lifting a few weights or hauling your legs around the block. Sure you have to set out with the desire to lose weight, but the launching of desire is not enough. Maintaining a healthy weight requires changing your lifestyle. This transformation begins in your mind.

This is why the atmosphere is the number one ingredient and first step to your new, healthy way of living.

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