A Basic Guide to Weight Gain Supplements

The majority of weight gain supplements available are really a bunch of marketing hype.  Nonetheless, there are a few gems that I would recommend. In my opinion, the best weight gain supplements operate more on science and less on hype.  And while no supplement will take the place of diet and exercise, there are some that will maximize what you are already doing.    

Some examples include the following:

Protein Powder:

In order for muscles to increase in size, they need a regular diet of protein.   This is especially the case for bodybuilders or folks who exercise on a regular basis.  Yes, diet will provide a certain amount of protein, but unless you spend all day eating it can be difficult getting what you need.   Protein powders help fill the void, as they are tasty and easy to consume.  They have as much protein as a steak, but not as many fat and calories.

To maximize these powders even further, you might want to consume a “natural” source of protein while drinking your shake.  Eggs, soy and even milk are excellent sources for a quick protein boost.


A neurotransmitter, this unique amino acid increases muscle mass by improve the nerve synapses in your body.   When this happens, the cells within your muscles are able to communicate better.  In addition, you might also gain more energy, which will make your workout (and anything else you do) more fruitful.

In nature, GABA is often produced when the HGH hormone is facilitated.  In embryos and children, HGH is the key hormone responsible for growth.  In adults, the hormone aids in metabolism, reproduction and other functions.
However, being that an adult is already grown, the level of HGH starts falling after a person reaches 30.

If a person takes GABA to revitalize the HGH hormone, they will awaken their body’s nervous system.  They will not only feel better, but they will also experience a more restful sleep.

GABA can also help people who are suffering with back pain or arthritis.  The reason why goes back to what it does for the nervous system.   If it improves the synapses within each nerve, then naturally the joints will be able to regenerate themselves (just like muscle).   And it does not take a big amount to produce these results.  Just five grams can do wonders for an arthritis sufferer.


This hormone is created in the body’s adrenals.  It is very important in bodybuilding, as it is responsible for a large percentage of the body’s testosterone or estrogen production.

Without supplements, a person’s DHEA are highest at birth.  During their childhood, the hormone begins to lower.  It goes downhill from there, despite the fact it is one of the body’s most important hormones.

Supplements help keep these hormones steady.  As a result, people will feel happier and experience fewer problems with reproduction.  They may also not experience depression, as recent studies indicate a link between depression and low DHEA levels.


This is a very vital supplement for anyone wanting to build muscle.  Occurring naturally in the human body, creatine supplies energy to the cells within our muscles.   This makes it one of the healthiest Weight Gain Supplements, as you are increasing your mass with muscle not fat.


This substance helps your body recover after a hard session of weight training. This is because it an amino acid, one of nature’s primary building blocks for muscle.


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